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I lived in Taipei Taiwan, Madrid Spain, South Gate, Hacienda Height, Fullerton California, Dallas Texas, Rogersville, Alabama and now Nashville, TN.  I got double degrees in Arts and Sciences. I had my Solo Art show at Dallas, Texas 1996 and Athens State University, Athens, AL in 2009.  In many of art shows and competitions.  Art is my passion. Color, abstract, drawing and painting is my private language. I believe living itself is an art.  God helps me to see His glorious and beautiful colors of life and the joy only Jesus can bring in your life.  Life is a gift to me and Almighty God is my source of creativity.  God reveals himself to me in His very personal way.  God created us individually and because we are all unique, we view life and objects differently.  As an artist, I don't throw anything away, good or bad I am going to transform it to something beautiful.  MY MISSION IS: I want the world to see that I have nothing without my Almighty God. Dream life is a source of constant inspiration. I know God was going to give me and you a dream that would not only change your life-but also change the lives of thousands of others who would hear and believe. I will continue to serve my highest purpose. Thank you for visiting my presentation.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

"Cross" 10" x 8" Mixed Media

About 2000 years ago our sin crucified Jesus.  For He die for us, so we can have everlasting personal relationship with God through eternity.  Joseph took Jesus' body, wrapped with a clean linen cloth…yet 3 days later He rise.  I use bandage linen raped over the colorful paint…  Jesus paid our debt and paid it all…  In this Christmas as we consider all the awesome things that have come to us through Jesus, God's perfect gift, remember that it is but a taste of all the good things that are yet to come.

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Going to Rain

Going to Rain
18" x 24"